June 16, 2015

Hello World! & Week 1 Makeover Madness #tptsellerchallenge

My first blog post and what better way than to start with the TpT Seller Challenge. Week 1 is Makeover Madness. My to-do list for the summer included revamping my products and my store. I'm so glad for this seller challenge because it is giving me the motivation to get to it!

For my product, My Texas Book Symbols and Facts for Pre-K and Kinder, my goal was to revamp my cover page. Once I got started I decided to do a major uplift to the entire product. 

Big changes include all new/bold/shiny clip art on every page, adding two more vocabulary cards for a total of 11, removed page numbers (assemble the pages you like/need). Overall there's a new crisp feel to the book and I hope your little learners enjoy working on this.

Head on over to my little store and add this to your Texas Unit Study while it's on sale!


  1. Hey Crystal! I think your makeover turned out great! The cover is much easier to read and the clip-art is fun! Best of luck to you on next week's challenge!
    Literacy Loves Company

  2. This is so cute!! Makes me wish I lived in Texas so I can use it! :) Your blog looks great too!

  3. You did a fantastic job with your makeover! I'll have to share the link to this product with my 4th grade teacher friends. :-)
    Great job!