November 29, 2015

Sending a Cyber Smile (:

Hi there! Have you heard? Tomorrow, TpT kicks off their TpT Cyber Smile Sale! 

I know I'm moving some wishlist items into my cart and ready to use the promo code SMILE for my purchases. 

My entire store will be on sale and I thought I'd share how I use my Count to 100 Certificate Recognition Printables in my classroom. 

In Texas, a Kinder Math TEK states that our kindergarten kiddos are expected to count forward and backward to at least 20Most of our kiddos that attended pre-k come in counting way past that 20 and I find that it's definitely something most of them can accomplish throughout the year. 

The first grade TEK states that students are expected to recite numbers forward and backward from any given number between 1 and 120. I think it's important to build that counting skill in kindergarten as well. 

At the beginning of the year I print a class set of gumball machines to have on hand throughout the year. Sometimes I laminate them, sometimes I don't, depends on the year/resources available (aka if the laminating machine is working ;). 

Count to 100 Printables

Using a 100s chart, I pull one kiddo at a time to assess how far they can successfully count by 1s. I like to assess all students at the beginning of the year just to get an idea where they are at. After that, I assess at the end of the month or every grading period as needed.

I include a template of a gumball machine and this is what I use to project on the wall and trace onto a poster a larger gumball machine.

Our poster sized gumball machine is hung on the ceiling and as students master counting to 100, I write their name on a gumball (printed on color cardstock) and add it to the machine. 

Our school has morning announcements and Fridays are reserved for Kindergarten recognition. I send new 100 club members with their gumball certificate and a crown for recognition. 

I bought the crowns at Lakeshore and use them for birthdays but sometimes double as recognition crowns. I've included a template to print your own headband. Just print and add to a crown or sentence strip to make a headband.

I saw so many motivated learners after the first couple of recognitions with the gumball certificates. I also had parents tell me that their child just wants to count at home and improve every night! 

So hop over to my store to check out my Count to 100 Certificate Recognition Printables and other goodies! Happy shopping!

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