July 9, 2015

Catching Up and Week 3 TpT Seller Challenge

EEEK! I already did what I told myself I wouldn't do...forget to blog! So here I am two weeks later catching up.

Lazy Summer days include going to the gym for an hour in the mornings, binge watching new and old shows on Netflix, and checking out what others are up to through Instagram.

The data nerd in me was excited to see this pyramid today. I love these workouts. It's like I have my own personal trainer but with a group of people of all kinds of fitness levels. I definitely need someone to tell me what to do when it comes to working out.

And this is my new favorite show. I loved it so much after the first two episodes that I sat and watched the ENTIRE season one the rest of the night. I felt like I was BFFs with Jane and Lily!

I've also been busy working on my masterpiece for the TpT Seller Challenge.
I had started my "masterpiece" last summer when I needed a refresher for my monster classroom theme. I never went back to it as the year came and went. Thanks to this challenge, I really felt the push to finish.

The final product ended up being over 200 pages! I was tempted to keep going and make blackline masters but that might have to wait a little longer.
Some favorite printables of mine in this product are the binder cover pages and the school supply labels. They really pop with the super cute clip art and graphics I bought recently.
I also love my updated math wall kit.

That's what my wall looked like at the beginning of the year. ICK! Now I can't wait to add some color and cute monsters to match the rest of my classroom decor.

You can find my 'MONSTAR' Monster Decor Kit in my TpT Store, it's on sale right now too!

I can't wait to print out all of the pieces and laminate them. I've had this monster theme for 3 years now, let's hope I don't decide to pull a 180 and change the theme in August, ha!

Do you have any favorite classroom decor themes?


  1. I think a monster theme is so much fun. I know a teacher that did a Monster University Theme for her class mini-society. Have fun setting up your classroom.

  2. I love your math wall. So simple. http://adventuresinistem.blogspot.com/